Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jax to the Max

Jax likes to sing. And by sing I mean carry the same note over and over for long periods of time. She has started to adapt to the ABC song and will sing along with her toys that sing it...but she has a favorite song. "Honeybunch Sugar Pie." She heard it from a download on her Neena's iPhone, and adapted her own version of it. The actual lyrics are:

You're my honey bunch, sugar plum
pumpy yumpy yumkin
you're my sweety pie.

You're my cuppy cake, gum drops
schnookim schnookim schpoor,
the apple of my eye.

And I love you so,
I want you to know
That I'll always be right here.

And I love to sing
these songs to you,
because you are so dear.

That is my interpretation of this song sung by a 3 year old...now this is how Jaxon sings it:

I love hearing her say what she thinks she hears. And her little lisp just adds to it. So for a few more Jaxisms:

Accisent: I'm sorry mommy it was an accisent (accident).

Crappin: Look at me mommy! I'm crappin! (she is clapping)

Skinemwabit: Come on mommy, let's take a bafth (bath)...come on skinemwabit (skin-the-rabbit: which is the removal of one's shirt if you don't speak toddler).

Pack your back: When I'm burping Max she comes up and ask if she can "pack her back" too.

Raincoke: Mommy wook (look) it's raining...I need my raincoke (rain coat).

Nexcutah: Mommy what comes nexcutah (next).

Monday, November 30, 2009

What does a 2 year old hear and see? ......Everything.

When my two year old, Jax, lifted up her shirt last night and pretended to "feed" her baby I started thinking about how fast she has grown up. After laughing my butt off first.

After gaining my composure I sat and thought about the fact that just 6 months ago, most of everything she said was only understood by us parents. Now, you can have an actual conversation with her. Most of the conversation if filled with sayings or expressions that I use:
"Omigosh," "Awe, crap" (<--- I feel really bad about that one), " A few days ago was when I really started to take notice of her awareness...or her ability to remember. I was sitting on the computer...looking at facebook I'm sure...and I hear her talking behind me. She is role playing with two of her Backyardigan toys and it went exactly like this: "Hey Tasha? Do you have to go potty. No I don't have to go potty. Are you sure? I'm sure. Why don't we go sit on the pot just to make sure. Ok, maybe I need to go poopoo. POOPOO! Really! Omigoodness. I know, are you proud of me? Of course I'm proud of you. Am I the princess? The one and only..." She carried on like this for five minutes or so. Just continuing conversation with barely taking a few breaths. She has grown up so fast and every day she has something new to say...or a new idea. She has gotten into her "2 year old" kick and likes to say "NO!" or "nuh-uh." Who teaches that saying anyway? Well, I get onto her...and she begins crying, "I want to say no-o-oooo." When I reply that she cannot talk that way she continues crying, "but. but. can I say va-jj?" Mind you she is wailing at this word. Let me explain this to you. If you don't know the new culturally nickname for the lady part...well that's just what it is. And it's the word that I use, because the original name for it just isn't pretty to me...so yeah I use the nickname...and Jax likes the word too. Of course she doesn't understand it, but sometimes when she yells it out of nowhere people giggle and snort back laughter. Well when I tell her she can't say certain words, like "no," she feels the need to see if she can say va-jj...to see if I will smile at her. Of course I say "No...you shouldn't use words like that either." Then she asks if she can say pomegranate. No. My child is not weird. You have to know how fun it is to see if a two year old can say certain things...and pomegranate was one of those testy words. She learned it around the same time she learned to say the "v" word, and just coincides the two terms together. All of this being said...I can barely do anything now without being copied in some form or fashion...she even talks to Max in the same tone I do, high pitched and squeally. Anyway, I thought I would leave you with a few Jaxisms, if you will, and other funny moments over the past few months.

  • She loves to sing and dance to "All the Single Lades." (yes lades.)

  • Another favorite song is the Halo mash-up from Glee. But recently she started singing "Somebody to Love." If I replay either of these scenes on my DVR she will sing along to almost all of them, and even quote the lines before and after the song.

  • If she toots while she is on the potty she makes this surprised face where her lips make a tight "o." Like she is surprised that happened...I wonder who she got that from...not me of course.

  • Senter Calaws=Santa Claus

  • Hookem' ....well that's obvious.

  • When Petey, our dog, gets out of the kitchen and is roaming around she points, and yells, "Petey! Get back in the kitchen.............neowwww!"

  • Anytime she sees the cast of Twilight she lets me know. I'm thinking she may have a small crush on Taylor Lautner because she says his name different then the others. Bella and Edward come out matter of factly...but she says Jacob like she's looking at a million dollars in cash "shaaaacob."

One last conversation between the two of us went like this:

"mommy. I want the pessicope."

o.O (<--- my face)

"Mommy. The pessicope."

O.o .... Jax reaches for the trashcan and pulls out the toilet paper cardboard thingy.

"THE PESSICOPE!" *raises it to her eye* "Arrrrgg Matey"

"Ooooo periscope."

I'll keep up with these Jaxisms...and let y'all know of some more.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shots and Curls

Well Jax and Max were able to have a wonderful visit from Giggi a couple weeks ago. And just about every morning Jax says, "Where did Giggi go?" We shared many laughs, and experience on a busy highway...and if you know my Granny that in it of itself is something major.

Being raised in the jungles of Paraguay had it's effect on her and not seeing a motorized vehicle before the age of 19 has always kept her a little precarious around ones going faster than hers. I always say that the speed limit around here is merely a suggestion...and her reaction was somewhat similar. Anyway we had a blast and she left with a Twilight book in tow. Since then Halloween has taken place and a few other things...I don't have Halloween pictures at the time but soon I will. Instead I have a few other things.

Max had her 4 month appointment and we were
all corralled into an office...Jax doesn't so much like doctors. She even wigged out when I was getting sonograms. Max however was great getting her shots. A little drama queen came out of her when she drank the polio vaccine. It was quite hilarious that she cried after drinking that...the nurse's exact words were "We have a drama queen on our hands." And Max followed that with a professional pout of sorts and the bottom lip stuck out further than ever before.
We have also began feeding Max baby food. It's hilarious how clean a baby is when they eat. Not really.

The before shots.
And the after.

There is something interesting on TV...I think it was Dory from Finding Nemo.

Lastly, look at what the weather does to Jax's hair. It's fantastic...curls just appear out of nowhere...my hair has a different end result...but on her it looks great.

One more lastly...check out Jax singing Single Ladies.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have no words. I am proud.

I am awful...but if you know me I heart Twilight. And seeing my daughter embrace these characters makes me happy...even if I fed her this information.

This week we have been hanging out with Giggi. My grandma, and Jax's great grandma.

We have always called her "Granny M." And then little Jax started to talk...Granny became Giggi...and well...the rest is just history.

While Giggi has been here we have been having a blast. We've walked. We've played. And Jax isn't going to know what to do when she leaves on Saturday. First off, Giggi has been spoiling her by sleeping with her in her bed. So all this cuddle time Jax is getting is going to spill over, I just know it...oh well. I will miss her too...since she has been cleaning and whatnot while she's been here.

But I have given back, just so you know. I introduced her to one of my favorite things, the world of Twilight. I assumed she would just read the book and criticize me for liking such a story, but in all actuality she has been running to the couch to read anytime she gets a chance. She is completely enveloped in the story and plans on finishing the series. Really I am happy.

And lastly...I hate that there is a lot of Jax on this blog and very little Max..but really, Max does very little. She sits. She rolls. She drools. And all the other baby things...so for now, here is my little dumpling and me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conversations with 2 year olds.

Yesterday, Jax and Max got to hang out with one of their favorite cousins, "A." On the way there, I was lucky enough to listen to Beyonce's hit song "Single Ladies" 13 times. It is Jax's favorite song at the moment. She shimmies. She shakes. And she flips her hand back and forth the whole time. When the song is over I pray that she forgets to ask, "Mama. Can we please listen to 'All the Single Lades' again?" (Yes, she says "lades," it's not a typo) And how can you turn her down when she asks so nicely...so I don't.

When she wasn't singing "All the Single Lades" she was singing her cousin's name and was very excited...when we got out of the car it was all hugs and kisses and they went straight to playing. When one of them would share, they would let us know....and when they wouldn't share...well they let us know that too.
After Jax and A enjoyed their chicken nugget happy meals it was "nap time." A two year olds least favorite words to hear. We finally wrestled them onto a bed they could both nap on...and when they stopped crying we snuck out of the room to let them will themselves to sleep.

Ha! Jokes on us.

(Jax is in purple...A is in pink) Here they are "splashing" as if they were swimming...they did this for about 5 minutes. This was followed by 15 minutes of jumping on the bed. At one point the two bonked heads...

A falls to the bed and lays her head on her Dora pillow, "Jax...no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

So Jax lays down and for 13 seconds they stare into each others eyes...I think this is it...A has other plans, hops up and begins jumping and giggling again. Jax is squealing at her cousin and then they begin to Jump along the wall to see who can reach the highest...take note of the sheets and the covers on the bed.

I cracked the door open to say "Hey crazy birds. What are you doing?" A new she needed to lay her head down...Jax looks like a deer in headlights.

She finally figured it out when A whispered something about monkeys again and she laid down....again, take note of the bed.

I decided to quit peeking and went to watch a movie.

Max and I are enjoying "The Proposal" and during the 90 minute romantic comedy I kept waiting for a moment of silence in the back room...but it never happened.

At some point I hear the loudest squeal/squeak/giggle I have ever witnessed...it was like a couple of 2 year olds just conquered the world...or Toys R US.

"Ma? Did you hear that?"

I walk in and this is what I see....
"So, what happened to the sheets?"

"Sheets? What sheets?"

Unfortunately, the play date had to come to an end...and as soon as I turned out of the neighborhood Jax was passed out in her car seat.

My two little ducks post bath time...I just want to eat them up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going back.

Me and my girls just took a very fun trip back to a land that I know best. Home. It's very weird traveling back to somewhere for the first time since you left. I have been traveling to and from "home" throughout my entire life (all 27 years) but this time was different. When I drove pass the ginormous ZOO sign I had a different feeling than I am accustom to. Usually, after a long trip I would pass that sign and breathe a sigh of relief..."I'm HOME!!" And this time, well, I wasn't home and it was only the beginning of an exciting getaway.
Now that "Home" is no longer my hometown, I realize that as long as you have people around you who love you...it can be your home. But that's neither here nor there...let's get on with our exciting trip. Early Thursday morning I packed my Jeep up to from window to window (no exaggeration) and headed out with the two most amazing kids in car seats. I was worried about having them strapped in for seven hours but they were fantastic.
Jax kept herself busy with her accessories, her goldfish, and her Horton. Soon she will be quoting that movie from beginning to end. And little miss Max, slept the whole way. Amazing...when my car would slow down or stop she would stir a little bit, but then I would just speed back up again. Of course I did have a fantastic co-pilot (mom-in-law) to help keep up the entertainment.
Us grown-ups stressed for 5 hours of the trip about a little boy in a balloon only to find out it was wasted stress.
When we pulled into the lot there were plenty of squeals and squeaks from our Giggi and we pulled out our jommies and had a slumber party with my grandparents. Something I haven't done in a very long time. And I have to say that I am thankful for little Max's early morning wake up call...because sharing a few cups of coffee with Giggi and Papa is a memory I will always remember. Of course, Giggi already forgot about it because she is a nut...but again, that's neither here nor there.
That Friday was going to be an eventful day...I expected to see a few friends of mine and Jax came down with the chicken pox. But...not really. I'm kind of a dramatic person and when I see 20 bumps on an infants torso...I assume it's the pox. Well seven hours later, they were gone, and I have no clue what was going on with my girl. But as soon as that scare was over we find out that a few of my cousins who live down the street have swine flu. Wonderful...the story doesn't really progress from here...only did we think that everywhere we were going we were going to catch it.
Jax and I braved the flu ridden town and went to my Alma Mater's Homecoming Parade and she loved it. She would run to the street and march, march, march...only to sprint back to my arms when someone would blow their horn or beat on a drum.
I was a bad alumnus and decided to stay near a TV to watch the Texas/OU game...and of course the better team won. Here is Max showing off her true colors.
After a weekend full of fun and good times with a bunch of people that I really really really miss, we made our trek back home. The girls were just as good, and we all returned a little more spoiled than need be. Jax got a pair of new boots, and I haven't been able to take them off since.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jax and Max

Many years ago (more like three) I had a goal. My goal was simple, but I really had no control over it. When I started a family with my husband my goal was to have three kids, all boys. What a silly goal. I know. But I didn't want girls. What I knew about girls was squat.

Yes, I am a girl...woman. Whatever. But I have always been the tomboy. I have pictures of me at two years old wearing football pads and my big ole belly is hanging out of the bottom. I did ballet for a year...too much twirling. Played a little soccer...too much running. Needless to say I ended up focusing my life around softball. Lots of "standing and squatting" and throwing the fire out of the ball. I loved the way I threw...I loved when guys would say "dude you throw like a guy!" On the outside I would play it cool and shrug my shoulders. On the inside I was brushin' off my shoulders and doing a little jig.

Anyway, why did I want sons instead of daughters??? Well, girls can be mean. They really can. Drama seemed to consume my life from the eighth grade on through high school and on through college. And sure I can be accounted to all of that drama...but I'm a girl. What can I say? And yes, all of my best friends (the 3 or 4 that never piss me off) are all girls...women now. But I never wanted to be a mother to the problems that I went through. I know my parents had their "fun" with it...and I just assume boys have it a little easier.

So. My goal. All boys, no girls. I even had names for my future sons picked out...with middle names.

Well, so far I have two children. Both girls. God has an amazing sense of humor. But God definitely knew what he was doing when he blessed me with them. First let me say that I have named them with my boy names...middle names were changed. And as far as this blog goes...we will call them Jax and Max.
Inspired by my two year old who has learned her way with words so eloquently that she cannot say her sister's name or nickname...so it's Max.

Jax is two. She is beautiful...and I'm not just saying that. Max is three months and the spitting image of her sister, basically. I wouldn't trade them for anything...not even a boy. And this is their journey as sisters, I hope you enjoy.