Monday, November 9, 2009

Shots and Curls

Well Jax and Max were able to have a wonderful visit from Giggi a couple weeks ago. And just about every morning Jax says, "Where did Giggi go?" We shared many laughs, and experience on a busy highway...and if you know my Granny that in it of itself is something major.

Being raised in the jungles of Paraguay had it's effect on her and not seeing a motorized vehicle before the age of 19 has always kept her a little precarious around ones going faster than hers. I always say that the speed limit around here is merely a suggestion...and her reaction was somewhat similar. Anyway we had a blast and she left with a Twilight book in tow. Since then Halloween has taken place and a few other things...I don't have Halloween pictures at the time but soon I will. Instead I have a few other things.

Max had her 4 month appointment and we were
all corralled into an office...Jax doesn't so much like doctors. She even wigged out when I was getting sonograms. Max however was great getting her shots. A little drama queen came out of her when she drank the polio vaccine. It was quite hilarious that she cried after drinking that...the nurse's exact words were "We have a drama queen on our hands." And Max followed that with a professional pout of sorts and the bottom lip stuck out further than ever before.
We have also began feeding Max baby food. It's hilarious how clean a baby is when they eat. Not really.

The before shots.
And the after.

There is something interesting on TV...I think it was Dory from Finding Nemo.

Lastly, look at what the weather does to Jax's hair. It's fantastic...curls just appear out of hair has a different end result...but on her it looks great.

One more lastly...check out Jax singing Single Ladies.

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Lynn said...

Such the entertainer. I love the daze she goes into. That is a trait of this side of the family. Ask Troy! She just makes my you guys.