Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going back.

Me and my girls just took a very fun trip back to a land that I know best. Home. It's very weird traveling back to somewhere for the first time since you left. I have been traveling to and from "home" throughout my entire life (all 27 years) but this time was different. When I drove pass the ginormous ZOO sign I had a different feeling than I am accustom to. Usually, after a long trip I would pass that sign and breathe a sigh of relief..."I'm HOME!!" And this time, well, I wasn't home and it was only the beginning of an exciting getaway.
Now that "Home" is no longer my hometown, I realize that as long as you have people around you who love you...it can be your home. But that's neither here nor there...let's get on with our exciting trip. Early Thursday morning I packed my Jeep up to from window to window (no exaggeration) and headed out with the two most amazing kids in car seats. I was worried about having them strapped in for seven hours but they were fantastic.
Jax kept herself busy with her accessories, her goldfish, and her Horton. Soon she will be quoting that movie from beginning to end. And little miss Max, slept the whole way. Amazing...when my car would slow down or stop she would stir a little bit, but then I would just speed back up again. Of course I did have a fantastic co-pilot (mom-in-law) to help keep up the entertainment.
Us grown-ups stressed for 5 hours of the trip about a little boy in a balloon only to find out it was wasted stress.
When we pulled into the lot there were plenty of squeals and squeaks from our Giggi and we pulled out our jommies and had a slumber party with my grandparents. Something I haven't done in a very long time. And I have to say that I am thankful for little Max's early morning wake up call...because sharing a few cups of coffee with Giggi and Papa is a memory I will always remember. Of course, Giggi already forgot about it because she is a nut...but again, that's neither here nor there.
That Friday was going to be an eventful day...I expected to see a few friends of mine and Jax came down with the chicken pox. But...not really. I'm kind of a dramatic person and when I see 20 bumps on an infants torso...I assume it's the pox. Well seven hours later, they were gone, and I have no clue what was going on with my girl. But as soon as that scare was over we find out that a few of my cousins who live down the street have swine flu. Wonderful...the story doesn't really progress from here...only did we think that everywhere we were going we were going to catch it.
Jax and I braved the flu ridden town and went to my Alma Mater's Homecoming Parade and she loved it. She would run to the street and march, march, march...only to sprint back to my arms when someone would blow their horn or beat on a drum.
I was a bad alumnus and decided to stay near a TV to watch the Texas/OU game...and of course the better team won. Here is Max showing off her true colors.
After a weekend full of fun and good times with a bunch of people that I really really really miss, we made our trek back home. The girls were just as good, and we all returned a little more spoiled than need be. Jax got a pair of new boots, and I haven't been able to take them off since.


Lynn said...

And we had a world of fun. Thanks for letting me be your copilot/toddler entertainer. THE END.

Kellianne said...

love it