Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jax and Max

Many years ago (more like three) I had a goal. My goal was simple, but I really had no control over it. When I started a family with my husband my goal was to have three kids, all boys. What a silly goal. I know. But I didn't want girls. What I knew about girls was squat.

Yes, I am a girl...woman. Whatever. But I have always been the tomboy. I have pictures of me at two years old wearing football pads and my big ole belly is hanging out of the bottom. I did ballet for a year...too much twirling. Played a little soccer...too much running. Needless to say I ended up focusing my life around softball. Lots of "standing and squatting" and throwing the fire out of the ball. I loved the way I threw...I loved when guys would say "dude you throw like a guy!" On the outside I would play it cool and shrug my shoulders. On the inside I was brushin' off my shoulders and doing a little jig.

Anyway, why did I want sons instead of daughters??? Well, girls can be mean. They really can. Drama seemed to consume my life from the eighth grade on through high school and on through college. And sure I can be accounted to all of that drama...but I'm a girl. What can I say? And yes, all of my best friends (the 3 or 4 that never piss me off) are all girls...women now. But I never wanted to be a mother to the problems that I went through. I know my parents had their "fun" with it...and I just assume boys have it a little easier.

So. My goal. All boys, no girls. I even had names for my future sons picked out...with middle names.

Well, so far I have two children. Both girls. God has an amazing sense of humor. But God definitely knew what he was doing when he blessed me with them. First let me say that I have named them with my boy names...middle names were changed. And as far as this blog goes...we will call them Jax and Max.
Inspired by my two year old who has learned her way with words so eloquently that she cannot say her sister's name or nickname...so it's Max.

Jax is two. She is beautiful...and I'm not just saying that. Max is three months and the spitting image of her sister, basically. I wouldn't trade them for anything...not even a boy. And this is their journey as sisters, I hope you enjoy.


Melanie said...

I remember you insisting that you had no interest in having any girls! I loved this post - your girls are beautiful and I love reading about how much you love them! I wish I could see you more often...like more than in the past 3 years!

Kellianne said...

i almsot shed a tear while reading this post. It's funny, you see, I really want all girls. now I know God will give me boys after reading your story. oh well.... that won't be for a while.

i love softball. im so thankful for softball and the journey it led me through. to some of my bestest friends.

the end.
see you NEXT weekend.