Monday, November 30, 2009

What does a 2 year old hear and see? ......Everything.

When my two year old, Jax, lifted up her shirt last night and pretended to "feed" her baby I started thinking about how fast she has grown up. After laughing my butt off first.

After gaining my composure I sat and thought about the fact that just 6 months ago, most of everything she said was only understood by us parents. Now, you can have an actual conversation with her. Most of the conversation if filled with sayings or expressions that I use:
"Omigosh," "Awe, crap" (<--- I feel really bad about that one), " A few days ago was when I really started to take notice of her awareness...or her ability to remember. I was sitting on the computer...looking at facebook I'm sure...and I hear her talking behind me. She is role playing with two of her Backyardigan toys and it went exactly like this: "Hey Tasha? Do you have to go potty. No I don't have to go potty. Are you sure? I'm sure. Why don't we go sit on the pot just to make sure. Ok, maybe I need to go poopoo. POOPOO! Really! Omigoodness. I know, are you proud of me? Of course I'm proud of you. Am I the princess? The one and only..." She carried on like this for five minutes or so. Just continuing conversation with barely taking a few breaths. She has grown up so fast and every day she has something new to say...or a new idea. She has gotten into her "2 year old" kick and likes to say "NO!" or "nuh-uh." Who teaches that saying anyway? Well, I get onto her...and she begins crying, "I want to say no-o-oooo." When I reply that she cannot talk that way she continues crying, "but. but. can I say va-jj?" Mind you she is wailing at this word. Let me explain this to you. If you don't know the new culturally nickname for the lady part...well that's just what it is. And it's the word that I use, because the original name for it just isn't pretty to yeah I use the nickname...and Jax likes the word too. Of course she doesn't understand it, but sometimes when she yells it out of nowhere people giggle and snort back laughter. Well when I tell her she can't say certain words, like "no," she feels the need to see if she can say see if I will smile at her. Of course I say " shouldn't use words like that either." Then she asks if she can say pomegranate. No. My child is not weird. You have to know how fun it is to see if a two year old can say certain things...and pomegranate was one of those testy words. She learned it around the same time she learned to say the "v" word, and just coincides the two terms together. All of this being said...I can barely do anything now without being copied in some form or fashion...she even talks to Max in the same tone I do, high pitched and squeally. Anyway, I thought I would leave you with a few Jaxisms, if you will, and other funny moments over the past few months.

  • She loves to sing and dance to "All the Single Lades." (yes lades.)

  • Another favorite song is the Halo mash-up from Glee. But recently she started singing "Somebody to Love." If I replay either of these scenes on my DVR she will sing along to almost all of them, and even quote the lines before and after the song.

  • If she toots while she is on the potty she makes this surprised face where her lips make a tight "o." Like she is surprised that happened...I wonder who she got that from...not me of course.

  • Senter Calaws=Santa Claus

  • Hookem' ....well that's obvious.

  • When Petey, our dog, gets out of the kitchen and is roaming around she points, and yells, "Petey! Get back in the kitchen.............neowwww!"

  • Anytime she sees the cast of Twilight she lets me know. I'm thinking she may have a small crush on Taylor Lautner because she says his name different then the others. Bella and Edward come out matter of factly...but she says Jacob like she's looking at a million dollars in cash "shaaaacob."

One last conversation between the two of us went like this:

"mommy. I want the pessicope."

o.O (<--- my face)

"Mommy. The pessicope."

O.o .... Jax reaches for the trashcan and pulls out the toilet paper cardboard thingy.

"THE PESSICOPE!" *raises it to her eye* "Arrrrgg Matey"

"Ooooo periscope."

I'll keep up with these Jaxisms...and let y'all know of some more.

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