Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have no words. I am proud.

I am awful...but if you know me I heart Twilight. And seeing my daughter embrace these characters makes me happy...even if I fed her this information.

This week we have been hanging out with Giggi. My grandma, and Jax's great grandma.

We have always called her "Granny M." And then little Jax started to talk...Granny became Giggi...and well...the rest is just history.

While Giggi has been here we have been having a blast. We've walked. We've played. And Jax isn't going to know what to do when she leaves on Saturday. First off, Giggi has been spoiling her by sleeping with her in her bed. So all this cuddle time Jax is getting is going to spill over, I just know it...oh well. I will miss her too...since she has been cleaning and whatnot while she's been here.

But I have given back, just so you know. I introduced her to one of my favorite things, the world of Twilight. I assumed she would just read the book and criticize me for liking such a story, but in all actuality she has been running to the couch to read anytime she gets a chance. She is completely enveloped in the story and plans on finishing the series. Really I am happy.

And lastly...I hate that there is a lot of Jax on this blog and very little Max..but really, Max does very little. She sits. She rolls. She drools. And all the other baby for now, here is my little dumpling and me.


Valerie said...

this blog needs a banner..

love the pictures..

Lynn said...

Sweet little girls! Sweet little mommy and Giggi too. I am so glad you are having fun. Hope to maybe see you on Saturday for a bit.

JD said...

val. header. now. :) jk...i'd rather you write

Kellianne said... i never knew she could name the twilight cast. other than her singing all the single ladies...that is my far my favorite thing she can...haha!