Monday, December 13, 2010

Max's Language

Max isn't talking yet but she's getting there. She says the normal things like, momma, dad-o, papaw, Nana, pup, wow, bebe (baby), Tss Stt (Toy Story) etc. She has a different way to communicate too.

It's possible I'm the only one who can translate this, because I see/hear it all the time. It's heavy on the vowels and quite hilarious.

A few examples:

When Max and Ruby pops up on Nickelodeon she gets really excited and says, "Maaaaaaaaaaa!" This is simply translated to "Omigosh it's Max and Ruby! I'm so FRIGGIN excited!"

When I say, "Anybody wanna eat?" She runs to the kitchen and screams "Eeeeeeeeeee!" Easy translation is "Omigosh I'm so hungry! This is so FRIGGIN exciting."

If Jax takes something away from her (which is all the time) she belts out a big, "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" This one's a little more difficult but with the help of Google Translate and the emotions on her face accompanied by the waving of her arms its easy to tell she's saying, "OMIGOSH SISTER STOP TAKING MY STUFF THIS IS NOT FRIGGIN EXCITING!"

It's easy to see where all of this is going so I will just leave you with one sometimes is just a little exciting and when it gives Max something to enjoy she let's out a simple "Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" With the help of this visual aide at the end of this blog I can translate it to, "Omigosh I love getting to color while we wait for food! This is so FRIGGIN exciting!"

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Amy said...

LOL too funny! I need to meet this girls of yours! Maybe you'll be in the Abilene area for the holidays? Hmmmm??

(Also, love the new layout! )

Amy said...

Oh dear lord...THESE girls of yours, THESE. curses.

Lynn said... need to work on Neena....then NeeNee comes easy after that.

JD said...

Amy I will definitely be there next week. we are going to make this happen.