Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I love my little weirdos.

Jax likes to name things. Once she names it, it will never change. An example is the pacooter room. She can say "computer." But refuses to use that word. I must admit that pacooter is more fun to say...but still, this may need to be fixed soon.
Another thing she has given name to is the restaurant. Any and all restaurants have the same title, "Hungry House." Months back she asked if we were going to the the "hungry house." Husband and I looked to one another, shrugged our shoulders, and said "yeah." And that was it.

Now, she can recognize logos. She will tell you if we are going to Wendy's, McDonald's, Chic-fil-a, or wherever else. But all together its just a hungry house. When we pull up to Chili's she will relent a little by saying, "Oooo...a BIG hungry house."

To me, its hilarious, adorable, I love it/never want to change it....but yesterday when we were leaving the pediatrician's office, Jaxon asked if we were going to the hungry house.

Well, I'm wrestling with Max/ushering a 3 year old who's fascinated with the world/trying not to trip over my feet and appease her by saying "Yes, we will go to the hungry house."

"Oooh yeah!" She says, "We're going to the hungry house." She does her "hungry house shimmy" and that's when an office full of pediatricians and nurses look at me like WHAT THE FRACK ARE YOU TEACHING YOUR CHILD?!

I laughed. I explained. They laughed. And we all went about our day.

But its nagging at me, for one reason only. I don't know why it is that my mom's side of the family does this but when we eat Macaroni and Cheese, we DO NOT call it by its nickname, Mac n Cheese. We call it Cheese Noodles. Because that's what it is! Cheesy noodles!

I always get the weird looks from friends....or when I'm ordering it at a Hungry House, my husband will cringe, apologize to the waitress that I don't get out much, and ask for mac n cheese....(noted: his reaction is in a joking loving manner...in no way is he rude about it).

Anyway, this is yet another pointless, random blog about why my daughters are destined to grow up like their crazy mother...so please be nice to them when they ask to go to a Hungry House to order Cheese Noodles.

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Lynn said...

You forgot how Jax likes to dance at Roadhouse with the waitresses while she is waiting on her cheese noodles! It's pure entertainment to be with you guys! LOVE IT