Sunday, May 30, 2010

Questions to my childhood have been answered. Not that I knew these questions existed but today, in my mind...they were answered.

Back in my day of misspronounced words and tiny clothes I always noticed that my Barbies never had any shoes on. No big deal right? There's really no need. Alot of them were missing parts of their feet. Toes would go missing constantly.

I know what your thinking. Barbie's toes are melted and molded to her body...they don't just fall off. Well they didn't. My mom would bite them off. You see, she has a thing with chewing plastic. Anyway, it occured to me that maybe it wasn't because of her plastic chewing habit that had her relocating Barbie's feet. I now know she HAD to be chewing off their toes because there is absolutely no way to get their feet into their shoes!

Maybe my Barbies weren't missing shoes...maybe life was much more difficult when trying to put them on. Because just moments ago little Jax came to me and said "Mommy look what I found!"

I look at the pink packaging and see a box of Barbie shoes that I had hidden (only because I know Max would seek them out and try to eat them all). I got really excited and said "SHOOOOES!" hoping that my excitment would distract her from getting to her next question.
It didn't work. She thrusted 80's Barbie towards me and said, "Here. Put 'em on."

Well why not, I thought to myself.

After 5 minutes of tugging and pulling and pushing and yanking you want to know what I did? I bit off Barbie's toes. Yes, the shoes now fit. No, I'm not turning into my mother......(Just kidding Momma. You know I'm not being mean).

Logging in some beach hours

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